7 must know points on medial longitudinal arch

Medial longitudinal arch is a dome shaped, spring like structure on the medial aspect of your foot. It is a distinguishing feature of human beings.

Other arches of the foot are lateral longitudinal, anterior transverse and posterior transverse arches

7 anatomical facts about the medial longitudinal arch

medial longitudinal arch
  1. Bones forming the arch are: calcaneum, talus, navicular, 3 cuneiforms (medial, middle and lateral), first to third metatarsals
  2. Ends:
    1. Anterior: heads of first to third metatarsals
    1. Posterior: medial tubercle of calcaneum
  3. Summit: superior articular surface of the body of the talus
  4. Pillars
    1. Anterior: talus, navicular, 3 cuneiforms, first to third metatarsals
    1. Posterior: medial part of calcaneum
  5. Main joint: Talonavicular joint
  6. Keystone: Talus
  7. Other supports: spring ligament, posterior compartment muscles, Adductor hallucis

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