5 Classification of VIC (Volkmann’s Ischemic Contracture)

Classification of VIC is good for information purposes. Here are these 5 classifications

  1. Bunnel
  2. Pedemonte
  3. Merle D’ Aubigne
  4. Seddon
  5. Tsuge

1. Bunnel’s classification – Bunnel 1944 – Surgery of the Hand

  1. Simple
  2. Severe

2. Pedemonte classification – 1948

  1. classic or favorable
  2. useless hand

3. Merle D’ Aubigne – 1955

  1. VIC without claw hand
  2. VIC with claw hand

4. Seddon Classification of VIC

  1. Diffuse ischemia, without infarct, spontaneous recovery
  2. Typical muscular infarct with or without nerve lesion
  3. Diffuse fibrosis, severe paralysis and deformity

5. Tsuge Classification of VIC – 1975

classification of vic
Tsuge classification of VIC
StageAffected muscleTreatment
MildFinger flexors No sensory disturbancesDynamic splinting, tendon lengthening
ModerateWrist and finger flexors Sensory disturbances of the medial and ulnar nerveExcision of necrotic tissue, median and ulnar neurolysis, BR to FPL transfer ECRL to FDP transfer Distal slide of viable flexors
SevereWrist / finger flexors and extensorsSame as above Free muscle transfer also possible
Tsuge Classification tabulated

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