7 causes of VIC (Volkmann’s Ischemic Contracture)

Causes of VIC is a must know subject for every medical personnel.

Ever since Richard Von Volkmann first published reports of Volkmann Ischemic Contracture (VIC) and Compartment syndrome in 1881, there has been a lot of studies.

Here are the causative factors of Volkmann’s Ischemic contracture

7 causes of Volkmann Ischemic Contracture
  1. Long bone fractures (most common from supracondylar fractures in children)
  2. Prolonged external compression
  3. Internal bleeding – hemophilia / extravasation of fluid (as in intra-articular injections)
  4. Burns
  5. Snake bite
  6. Regional block – e.g. Bier’s block
  7. Crush Injury

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