8 bony changes in CTEV (Congenital Talipes Equinovarus)

Among the several bony changes in CTEV (Congenital Talipes Equinovarus) we enumerate eight of them below:

bony changes in CTEV
  1. Changes in Talus: neck points downwards and deviates medially; neck body angle (normally 150 deg) is decreased
  2. Cavus due to tight intrinsics, FHL, FDL
  3. Adductus due to tight tibialis posterior
  4. Varus due to tight tendoachilles, tibialis anterior and tibialis posterior
  5. Equinus due to tight tendoachilles.
  6.  Medial and plantar displacement of navicular
  7. Cuboid displaced medially
  8. Calcaneus is in varus and rotates medially around talus. Additionally, there is abnormal development of sustentaculum tali, making it smaller

Besides, bony changes in CTEV; you also may be aware of the four deformities in CTEV. These are cavus, adductus, varus and equinus.

In cavus deformity, the forefoot pronates in relation to back of the foot.

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