About Oorthopaedics – Delving comprehensively into orthopaedics


Oorthopaedics.com is a new startup. We aim, from this, this ambitious project to provide you all the information about orthopaedics.
Sir, Alan Apley quotes, ” Orthopaedics remains as relevant a speciality as ever, treating a large burden of the world’s morbidity.” We think that orthopaedics is a super-speciality.
This site will focus on all the basics and advanced about orthopaedics and trauma, the science of correcting deformities.

Contents in oorthopaedics

We will be covering all topics required for a beginnner in orthopaedics to advanced subjects covering super-specialties like arthroplasty, arthroscopy and spine surgery.

    1. Basics
    2. Orthopaedic Anatomy and aid to the orthopaedics examination
    3. Trauma Surgery from basics to advanced
    4. Sports Medicine
    5. Arthroplasty
    6. Arthroscopy
    7. Spine surgery
    8. MSK radiography

Who are the target population of oorthopaedics?


  1. Residents
  2. Consultants
  3. Medical Officers
  4. MBBS students
  5. Those who have complete passion in orthopaedics

Who are we ?

We, at oorthopaedics, are a group of upcoming orthopaedic and trauma surgeons with unlimited passion in ortho science. We believe in holistic approach in treating orthopaedic injuries and regard this science as the most prestigious field in entire genre of medicine. We are cautious in respecting your privacy.

We are a free resource, built on a core principle of helping our colleagues to enhance their perception in this field.

Source of information

The sources of information in this website will be text-books, journals, academic learning activities, powerpoint presentations, webinars and the internet. Though there are existing resources like orthobullets, learning orthopaedics and a bunch of all other sites, we plan to be unique.

To summarize, Oorthopaedics is a source of information in orthopaedics targeted from beginners to advanced professionals in this field. We wish, you will benefit from our regular updates, prominent highlights, state-of-art content presentation. This site is from the orthopaedicians to all other colleagues in this field.

Enjoy and have a great time ahead in your very own information portal!